DarkGunz Game room Tags,Commands

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DarkGunz Game room Tags,Commands

Post by maxhax995 on Sun Feb 27, 2011 9:23 am

As you know, some servers have custom game room tags. Here are Dg's:

Chat Commands:
Normal Users:
/follow | Attempts to follow the target username. Only works if they are in the same lobby/channel as you.
/where | Attempts to locate and evaluate the location of target username and relay it back to you.
/time | Tells you the exact date and time.

Staff Users:
/shout | Posts a server message.
/box | Posts a popup box server message to people not in games. Normal message if you are in a game.
/dc | Disconnects target username.
/hide | Places you in hide mode if not in hide mode, and takes you out of hide mode if currently in hide mode.
/gtgod | Turns Admin godmode on or off.
/eventroom | Creates an event room of 0/50 players with map MapName.
/log | Useful for logging players that you plan to ban. Will log them with date and time.

Admin[UserManipulator] Commands:
/goto | Attempts to appear at target username's location.
/summon | Attempts to bring target username to your position.
/slap | Instantly kills target username.
/spawn | Causes target username to spawn.
/test | Attempts to verify whether or not target username is using the antihack.

Game Tags:
[!DeadSpeak] | Recreates the "The Duel Match" Death speak effect. Can be used in any game type.
[!Vampire] | Vampire mode. Causes you to be healed for 33% of damage dealt.
[!Shield] | Shield Game type. All damage must go through shield before getting to health. As long as your shield doesnt completely break, it will slowly recharge after 5 seconds.
[HP=#] | [AP=#] | # replaced with maximum allowed HP/AP. HP cannot go lower than 100. Neither can go higher than current maximum.
[!Element] | Forbids the use of elements.
[!Training] | Causes you to take no damage from nearly all sources.
[!Taunt] | Forbids the use of emotes.
[!FPS] | Plunges you into First person shooter mode. Hold down shift to sprint!
[!Recoil] | Causes no recoil when turtled.
[!Massive] | Forbids the use of massives.
[!Flip] | Forbids the use of flips.
[!Floor] | Floor mode! Sword out to fall, Gun out to walk on air.
[!Explosion] | Explosions have no effect.
[!Reload] | Instant reload. Switching weapons still required.

Constant Modifiers:
[G=#] | Sets Gravity to #. Uses Percent.
[S=#] | Sets Speed to #. Uses Percent.
[J=#] | Sets Jump Height to #. Uses Percent.

Ping Limiter:
[P=#] | # is maximum allowed ping to owner of room. Three strikes in case of spikes before being kicked.

HP/AP Display:
F9: If you are alive, displays your HP/AP. If you are dead, and observing a target, displays their HP/AP.
F10: Displays your HP/AP to team, if alive.
Want to win cool items? Well there are fun events.But you must follow some rules.

Event Rules and Regulations.
1. The GameMasters will explain the rules of the event in the game room prior to the event starting.
2. You must listen to all GameMasters in the room at the time. Failure to do so will result in a warning, then a kick from the event room, and further, a ban from DarKGunZ Events.
3. If you do not listen to the rules of the Event in the Game Room and continuously break the rules set by the GameMasters, you will be disqualified from the Event.
4. Spamming/Flooding the event lobby, complaining about the/any event in game, the game room, or in the event lobby will result in a five(5) day mute and possible Ban from DarKGunZ Events. Spamming includes asking for the password in the lobby or spamming a GM's private chat. GMs/Admins do not need to warn you if you break any of these rules.
5. All DarKGunZ Rules Apply. Exception is the replacing of the normal spam/muting procedure with Event Rule number 4. Let me repeat, GM/Admins do not need to warn you if you break and of these rules.

Now that you know the rules, here are the types of events:

Event Types and Descriptions

1. Last Man Standing.
Description: Players must dodge GameMasters while they use over powered 1 hit weapons. The object of this event is to be the last surviving person each round. Each time you win a round, you will receive a point.
Points: 3, 5, 7, or 9.
Maps: Any map.
Suggested/Fun Maps: Castle, Dungeon, Garden, Island, Town, any basic type maps.

2. Kill the GM/Admin.
Description: Players will be directed to kill one of the Admins/GMs in the room. You will get one point for killing the correct GM/Admin. However, if you kill the wrong GM/Admin, you will lose a point. Once you reached -3 points, you will be be disqualified from the event. Admins will not use high damage ubers, instead, they will use donor/admin regular items.
Points: 3 or 5. More than 5 rounds can take up to 2 hours to complete.
Suggested Maps: Stairway, Castle, Battle Arena, any.

3. Die by Nade.
Description: The main object of this game is to Die as soon as possible by grenades thrown by Staff members. The last person to die in each round gets kicked to the lobby until there is 1 person-the winner left. You are not allowed to /suicide, doing so will jeopardize your spot in the event.
Points: 1
Suggested Maps: Catacomb and Hall.

4. Race
Description: You want to complete the course as quick as possible. Multi round event.
Round Description:
Round 1: 16 Players. The first 8-9 players to cross the finish line go on to the next round. Map: Skillmap v1
Round 2: 8-9 Players. The first 6-7 players to cross the finish line go on to the next round. Map: Skillmap v2
Rounds 3-4: 6-7 Players. The first 4-5 players to cross the finish line will move on to round 4. Map: Skillmap v3 during round 3 OR SuperFlip courses intermediate/expert during rounds 3 and 4 if you decide to host 4 rounds.
Please note: I do many different variants of this Event, but the event will be very similar to the above description.
Maps: Listed Above.
Another version of this event is called DeathRace. You try to race while GameMasters are trying to kill you from the finish line.

5. Staff Says.
Description: Same as "Simon says". If "Simon" says, "jump" you jump. If "Simon" doesn't say to "jump" then you don't jump. The winner of each round will receive a point.
Points: 3 or 5.
Suggested Maps: Skillmap v2, Superflip, DG Castle, or any map that is spread out.

6. Hide and Seek.
Description: You have 30 seconds - 1 minute to find a good hiding spot. After that duration, the GMs will come and attempt to find you in the map. You can't move after the timer reaches 0.
Points: 3, 5, or 7.
Suggested Maps: Castle, Caves of Recreation, Dungeon, Port, Ruin, or Town.

7. Dodgeball.
Description: This is like a LMS event except you are required to stay in bounds. GameMasters will use uber rocket launchers and try to kill you. The last person alive in each round will win a point.
Points: 3, 5, or 7.
Maps: Cybersports or Superflip.

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